The Kerulos Center – Interview with Nigel Osborne

The Kerulos Center for Nonviolence is a teaching center and sanctuary. Their “School for Nature offers guidance and tools for learning how to live in peace and health in unity with Nature. The School builds on  over two decades of research and publications devoted to supporting Animal self-determination and dignity.” Their “Sanctuary and Wildlife Refuge provides dignity and lifetime care for abused and disabled Animal refugees.”

The organization is run by Dr. G.A. Bradshaw. “Gay Bradshaw holds doctorate degrees in ecology and psychology, a master’s in geophysics, and a bachelors in linguistics and Chinese. From 1992-2002, she was a research mathematician with the USDA Forest Service, holding faculty positions at Oregon State University (Departments of Computer and Electrical Engineering; Environmental Sciences Graduate Program) and at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She was a Fellow at the National Science Foundation National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), Santa Barbara, California, USA.

In their free webinar series entitled “Living One”, both Dr. Bradshaw and Dr. Elizabeth Burton-Crow talk with Founder and Executive Director, Nigel Osborne of The Living One webinar focuses on “how culture and life will look in the absence of Animal exploitation, when humans and other Animals live as one community in peace and wellness.”

To watch the full interview dated May 3, click here.

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